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Excellence through dedication

”The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others…

By Jonny 2021-03-06 0

Why the majority is always wrong

As the name of this site suggets I have always been a advocate for thinking out of the box. Paul Rutgens logic explains in a good way the reasons why the majority is always wrong. I would also suggest that it explains why some companies, departments and people miserable fail or just have very low…

By Jonny 2021-03-06 0

Government stealing

I just listened to a interesting interview with Peter Schiff, I have been a long time reader of Schiff and he has some very interesting thoughts about money. The words he uttered today is worth considering, “My message is freedom. I’m not giving anything to anybody because the government doesn’t have anything. All the government…

By Jonny 2021-01-25 0

Drysuit Waterproof D1X Hybrid first dive

A couple of weeks ago I bought my new drysuit the waterproof D1X hybrid. Today I did the first dive in it, one thing is sure. You will need some extra weigths compared to what you normally use, the built in mesh adds bulk. Living in the Med I have so far been ok with…

By Jonny 2021-01-24 0

Anthony robbins is the king

The energy level that Anthony delivered his message with is unprecedented. He is the true undisputed king within the self development genre. If you have not signed up yet I recommended it Anthony Live MakeMyYear 2021 I have been occupied these evenings, therefore I went with the VIP package. I have been to some Tony…

By Jonny 2021-01-23 0

Choices and responsibility

Hello there,I hope you are doing well, I just realized it was a long time since I communicated with you. A friend was here visiting her parents last week and it was a pleasure meeting up with her, its interesting to see how values and ”self” creates a persons character that probabbly gives the root…

By Jonny 2021-01-21 0

Back to our amazing Tesla

Today we are flying to Sweden for a week. The one thing that I’m really looking forward to with this trip is driving our Tesla again, that has been parked at the airport for 7 weeks now. Its simply is an amazing car, an achievement of engineering brilliance. An example of the difference having a…

By Jonny 2019-10-26 0

Sunseeker Superhawk 40

Sleek fast and powerful. What do you get when you combine Sunseekers tradition with Fabio Buzzi’s expertise with Trimax Surface drives, a two speed gearbox and two powerful diesel engines. You get the amazing Superhawk 40. Most powerboats of this size has I/O aka Z drives, but this boat is a bit different, it has…

By Jonny 2019-10-18 0