Liferaft, why ISO 9650-1

2022-05-08 Off By Jonny

We are about to sign up for ARC+ 2022, I’m currently reading up on the safety requirements for ARC.

We currently have a Arimar Sea World B from2021 for 8 people on the boat.

In the garage we have:

1x 6 person ISO9650-1 Sea Safe serviced 2021

1x 4 person Seatec Seago ISO 9650-2 year 2020

1, 12 person Valise Arimar Coastal Light, manufacturing year 2021

The issue here is that we will most probably be 8 people in total for the crossing and with visitors we will probably 10 people on board max during the cruise.

ISO-9650-1 is apparently off-shore

ISO-9650-2 is Coastal

So either we need to change the main liferaft to a 10 person or get a second one for 4 person have ISO 9650-1 for all of them.

What comes to mind is, lets skip the ARC rally and cruise on our own, that would certainly be a viable option. But, is that a decision that should be based on the fact that they require higher safety standard?

Many years ago I read books about Fastnet Race Storm, and Sydney Hobart race Storm. Today when reading up on the differences with Liferafts I came across this article about Liferaft testing

After reading that I came to the conclusion that even though the usage of the Liferaft is very improbable, you still want to have something that increases the likelihood of saving your life.

Time for adding adds for selling Liferafts and buying a ISO-9650-1.

Taking part in the ARC rally is not for the poor.