Why the majority is always wrong

2021-03-06 Off By Jonny

As the name of this site suggets I have always been a advocate for thinking out of the box. Paul Rutgens logic explains in a good way the reasons why the majority is always wrong.

I would also suggest that it explains why some companies, departments and people miserable fail or just have very low efficiency. The reason is homogeneity, birds of a feather flock together. People tend to employ and socialize with likeminded people.

The reasoning of employing highly educated people from the same school is flawed, it will give a lot of people with the same thinking. Ie all is thinking within the same small part of the box. What you need to succeed is people thinking in different parts of the box or ideally outside the box.

How can I the non school graduate think better, in real sense provide better and faster solutions Than the top Royal Technology institute graduates?

The answer is that I have less boundaries, less limitations, endless imagination, my box is bigger and I have other experiences. While they have been taught what and how to think by “teachers” that are most often theorists. I have been taught by life and loads of mistakes + real practical people and the need for quick solutions. I normally don’t have seemingly endless time that a professor seems to have. I’m always in a hurry.

The key is to use respectfull disagreement as Ray Dalio also advocates.


Especially if a practical person disagrees with a theoretical. I would rather learn from someone who has done it rather than with someone who thinks they can do it.

Logic seems to be hard as feelings comes in the way of logical reasoning.