Government stealing

2021-01-25 Off By Jonny

I just listened to a interesting interview with Peter Schiff, I have been a long time reader of Schiff and he has some very interesting thoughts about money.

The words he uttered today is worth considering, “My message is freedom. I’m not giving anything to anybody because the government doesn’t have anything. All the government can do is steal from one person and give to somebody else. But see, I think theft is wrong. I don’t want to steal from anybody. I want to protect everybody so that people don’t steal from them — just protect their liberty, protect their life, protect their property. That’s what government is supposed to do”

I think Peter is fundamentally right in that, Government does not have anything, they are a sort of money distribution central.

To listen or read the interview you can go to

If you want to read a highly tax challenging book I can recommend reading Peter Schiffs father Irwin Schiffs book. Unfortunately its illegal to sell the book by court ruling but fortunately its legal to provide a downloadable version of it.

I do not recommend following the advice in the book as doing that may render you the same destiny as Irwin, dying in jail.