Drysuit Waterproof D1X Hybrid first dive

Drysuit Waterproof D1X Hybrid first dive

2021-01-24 Off By Jonny

A couple of weeks ago I bought my new drysuit the waterproof D1X hybrid. Today I did the first dive in it, one thing is sure. You will need some extra weigths compared to what you normally use, the built in mesh adds bulk.

Living in the Med I have so far been ok with a 3mm wetsuit, well ..not really the last dive with the wetsuit was very cold.

The change from wetsuit to the D1X hybrid needed 9kg of added weights. I dive a 2x7x300 with stainless steel plate and harness and added a 5kg V-weight plus 2+2kg on a separate belt. Next time I will re configure and put the 2+2 on the harness.

When trying the suit on in the shop I did not fancy the silicone neck seal. I thought it was to tight, I replaced it with a neoprene one. Really happy with that choice, the neck seal was now very comfortable.

Overall the suit was nice to dive with, i had the thinnest undergament that I could find at Decathlon, wet gloves and a hood. It was like sitting at home in the couch, very warm and nice. The wrist seals are super and the ring system maskes the gloves go in under the ring, I also have the dry gloves but have not tried them yet.

The mesh helps spread the pressure so one can dive the suit rather compressed. Its very comfortable and after 45 minutes I was dry and really perfect temperature. There was no swimming as we wizard around on the new scooters, i will try and swim a bit in as well next time.

I will need a couple of more dives to give a honest opinion about the suit and the mesh. The suit itself feels very nice and has a good fit, it is a high quality piece of equipment.