Month: May 2022

Balancing LifePo4 cellS

Our new cells arrived 6 months after order. The cells are CATL 302Ah 3,2V Lifepo4 with dimensions H 207mm x W173mm x D71,65mm. They where ordered directly from China from Docan. The QR code was not readable via iPhone camera but the code seems legit and also stamped directly in the Aluminium. This is how…

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Liferaft, why ISO 9650-1

We are about to sign up for ARC+ 2022, I’m currently reading up on the safety requirements for ARC. We currently have a Arimar Sea World B from2021 for 8 people on the boat. In the garage we have: 1x 6 person ISO9650-1 Sea Safe serviced 2021 1x 4 person Seatec Seago ISO 9650-2 year…

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