The fortune of Being born in a civilized society

I feel really really blessed that I was born in Sweden one country in the western world. Do not underestimate the advantage of not fearing for your life everyday, and dont underestimate the advantage of beeing alive.

I and probably most of us, take a lof for granted, beeing alive and not fearing for our life every day Is something that I at least take for granted.

Yesterday we saw the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and last week we saw “The Machinegun Preacher” If you have not seen these movies I can really recommend seeing them for several reasons.

1. Awareness of how challenging life is for a lof of people in this world.

2. An eye opener for how bad humankind really can be.

3. You will Probably appreciate life a lot more after you realize how fortunate you are and what infinite possibilities you have, beeing alive is one if them.

4. Part of the income from the films are said to reach people that are in great need of this help. When I say help, I’m talking about life and death.

5. You will probably feel like doing something about what you have seen. Just do something immediately, otherwise you will not do it.

I more and more feel like I have an obligation to the world, not only to be financially free but to be really really rich. Why do I feel that obligation? I feel that I must help to make a difference in the world. I also have a greater respect everyday for the deeper understandings and insights that wiser and more succesfull people than myself share to the world. What I mean by that is that people like Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, sir Richard Branson, T Harv Eker, Blair Singer and more. They are all talking about that to achieve true fulfillment and inner joy you need to contribute to other peoples lives.

I believe that people that kill themselves is not fulfilled, and this probably comes from that they feel that people are not truly depending on them and that they really make a difference in other peoples lifes.

Machine Gun Preacher is probably a very good example of someone who had no true meaning and fulfillment in his life before he found his life purpose, to save childrens lives.

Bill Gates is probably another one, he could aquire anything he ever wanted, that will only keep you satisfied for so long. He probably came to the same conclusion that many others have done. To help others is the one thing that will give you the most joy and fulfillment. Anthony Robbins has a very good point on how he tries to teach this to his kids.

Machine Gun preacher and Mr Gates have different skills and very different approaches in their work, but both are working to improve others lives and keeping children alive.

My mind is working on how to best help people, to export people from warzones and problematic situations is not the most ideal solution. This creates problems of its own. How can we insteed help people were they are? Why do people kill eachother?

Wise people see the difference between consumation happiness and inner fulfillment.

I try to evolve every day, I am sadly not doing my best all the time. I want to be more and be a better person.

“Hell is meeting the person you could’ve been, living the life you could’ve had.”
Keith Cunningham

Happy for time

Today I’m happy for our possibility to decide over our time. Today its Friday for a lot of people this means they will get to do what they want during the weekend, we have that luxury almost every day.

The only real values you have in life are love, health and time. Most people spend 58 years of their life 40 hours a week doing things that other people tell them to do, school from 7 years onto work until retirement at 65. That adds up to over 100 000 hours of your life that is spent following orders/instructions. I don’t want that, even if your self employed your selling your most valuable asset, time for money. You better start thinking about how to get leverage on your time and money, so you can buy yourself freedom to choose what to do with your time.

I’m very happy that almost everyday is saturday for our family. Use your time wisely with leverage and let your hard earned money work well for you instead of buying a new doodad. I’m happy for my opportunity to be with people I choose to be with and the choice what do do all day almost every day.

I’m happy that i fixed my remote controlled car a couole of days ago, it had been broken for 6-7 years. Loads of fun to play with on gravel roads.

Think of what you really want with your life otherwise it will just happen.

Freedom to do what we want

We just arrived to our winter home in Malta, after 3 weeks in Sweden. We went to Sweden for two reasons.
1: we were supposed to sign the contract for the sale of our real estate company, the buyer sent a completely new contract 2 hours before the meeting insteed of the agreed contract.

The new contract contained some unacceptable term, we cancelled the meeting. One term he stipulated was that if the bank foreclosed the loans on the properties because of him buying the company the sale should be revoked and we would be forced to take the company back.

Apparently his finances was not in order because he has still not arranged financing. We flew to Sweden because of this. When you do business, be honest and make sure that all parties are winners. Doing business should be fun for every one, its ok to negotiate on price but don’t take it to a level that only makes one part happy.
If you don’t have your finances in order don’t bid. Robert Kiyosaki has a saying “I will give you your price if you give me my terms.”

Freedom is for us that we can do whatever we want whenever we want, we are nit there yet. But being able to be most of our days together is a great step in the right direction.

Why don’t more people take serious contact with people that they think could learn from and give something to them? Believe in yourself otherwise no one else will

I must say that it surprises me that people are so intimidated by succesful people, yes some people
would like their autograph and be on a picture with them but? What does that really create?

Does it make yourself anymore succesful? Do you learn anything from that? Do you get long time leverage on that?
Do you really bless them for being successful or are you deep down inside jealous and think that is unfair?
Why not instead ask them if they need help with anything? Maybe you have a special gift that they really need, most often they
really get interested if you just say, hey I really admire what you have accomplished and would really like to know if I in any way could work together,
can I get back to you with a suggestion?

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What a night, we had a very stimulating evening. It is a treasure to have friends that are on the same page and path as yourself.

If you don’t have friends that stimulates you and at the same time challenges you to be a better you, I have one very simple but yet hard task that I want you to really think about: Change friends! You are an average of your six closest friends in both income and other parts.

Today we have had the opportunity to see some of our friends, one of whom I have knows since 16 years or so, we have had a lot of fun and adventures together. That’s a guy that I know that I can count on in any situation. He would probably drive down to Africa to help me if needed. We had a brief discussion about the need of blogging and what it actually gives both the writer and the reader. I will come back to this in a later post.

Tonight we had a very challenging discussion with our other friends about their and our five-year plan. To give others advice is sometimes a lot easier than giving your self the same advice even thought you know what you should do deep down inside.

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2012-02-28 Freedom to enjoy life starts with getting rid of stuff

Time is off essence, I am grateful that I can spend so much time with my family. During our daughters first year we have been apart probably not more than 100 hours in total.

We just arrived home after a very pleasent dinner with friends, we concluded that the mankind has taken a giant step the last 150-200 years. Trains, machines, flying, cars, computers. What changed our thinking to take such a giant leep forward?
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