Sunseeker Superhawk 40

2019-10-18 Off By Jonny

Sleek fast and powerful. What do you get when you combine Sunseekers tradition with Fabio Buzzi’s expertise with Trimax Surface drives, a two speed gearbox and two powerful diesel engines. You get the amazing Superhawk 40.

Sunseeker Superhawk 40

Most powerboats of this size has I/O aka Z drives, but this boat is a bit different, it has shaft mounted surface cutting propellers. The Trimax is a construction of the legendary now deceased Fabio Buzzi. Trimax drives are basically a straight shaft with a support bracket driving surface cutting propellers and rudders behind each propeller

Trimax drive
What is a bit hard to see on this picture is that the engine exhaust is just infront and above the propeller. The reason for this is that a surface cutting propeller is made for only having a part of it submerged in water. The upper parts should rotate in air, when boat is driving in low speed the exhaust are supposed to create air to compensate for that the propeller is fully under water.

Another alternative of surface drive is the Arneson drive,